Recruit | Train | Retain

Looking for a premier talent management partner? Look no further than GRN Mile High!
As a lean but mighty team, we bring over 20 years of executive Fortune 50 leadership and 4+ years of executive cannabis leadership to the table. We're all about finding opportunities to save our clients time and money while boosting productivity and efficiency.
💚 Our secret sauce? Making authentic connections with diverse leaders to elevate performance across the industry.
💚 We take pride in being recognized as the premier Talent Management partner, equipping operators to become the "Employer of Choice" in the industry.
💚 And we've got the skills to back it up! From leadership recruitment to customized training and retention strategies, we've got you covered. Our team can help you find the perfect match, re-tool your business to increase productivity & reduce operating costs, and curate a "People 1st" approach to boost employee retention & customer loyalty.
Let's be ‘buds’! Click the link below to spark up the conversation & let's grow 🌱 to new heights!